Kittens are expected in June

The future parents are Spinelle and Yaï.

They are both tested HCM/GSDIV/PKD/PKDEF: normal

The possible colors are:

black (brown) or blue, self or tabby, with or without silver 

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29 march 2024

Yaï has had very good results in exhibitions in recent weeks and has become International Grand Champion.

It's time to take a break from the exhibitions and think about the future babies of the year.

We cross fingers!


7 Januari 2024

Terra Yaï de Caladan becomes international champion

Next shows:

- 11/02/24: BCF in Arendonk

- 16 and 17/03/24: BdK NRW in Eschweiler


Kittens born on June 13th 2023

Spinelle and Orville's kittens were born on June 13. 

More info in the "Kitten" section


Kitten expected in june

Mother: Spinelle des Trois Joyaux (Black Smoke)

Father: Tingoskattens Orville (Brown Mackerel tabby and white)

Both parents tested negative for genetic diseases:

Possible colours for future kittens:

Black, black smoke, brown tabby, black silver tabby (mackerel, spotted ou blotched), with or without white

Blue, blue smoke, blue tabby , blue silver tabby (mackerel, spotted ou blotched), with or without white

They can also be amber carriers.


At the beginning of April, Spinelle spent a few days with Orville at the Cattery von den Raben in Germany.