My name is Evelyne Hanf, I live in Belgium in Malmedy, a small country town in the province of Liège near the German and Luxembourg borders.
I have lived with animals since I was little and I have been raising Norwegian cats since 2021. My agreement number: HK02601004

The cats live in the house with me and my dog Bella. They are full members of the family. We live in a single-family house with a large yard, but I don't let my cats out freely. The terrace has been transformed into a secure patio, to allow us to enjoy the outdoors together. I also installed a special room for my male where he can enjoy a very comfortable interior and a secure outdoor area. 

I chose the Norwegian forest cat, among other things, for its character, its sociability with humans but also with dogs, its large size, its beautiful head, its presence, as well as for the purity of the breed and its natural origin.

I chose my affix “des cailloux enchantés” because I am very interested in lithotherapy and the magical universe. My "stones" are everywhere in the house and on me, it was inevitable that they were also part of the cattery.