Spinelle des Trois Joyaux

Norwegian black smoke female  

carries dilution and blotched

tested negativ for PKD / PKDEF / GSDIV / HCM

Champion since 3rd April 2023




Spinelle is born on 17th July 2021 at the cattery "des Trois Joyaux".

She is a small black smoke female with a strong character. A little shy and reserved when she arrived, she managed to win the heart of my old cat who took her under his paw to explain to her how the inhabitants of the house function and to perfect her education. Over time, she climbed the ranks of the hierarchy and became the queen of the house. She is very cuddly, playful, curious and in need of interaction.

Its name corresponds to a stone of protection against negative energies. Black Spinel repels the forces of evil deep within the darkness from which they originated. It protects from spells and curses.

Does that remind you of something? Indeed, cats are spiritual protectors, one of the cat's abilities is to protect our home from negative energies. They are great healers, they help us release our mental and emotional stress.


Raven Merlina des Cailloux Enchantés

Norwegian black silver mackerel tabby female

carries dilution and non-agouti

tested negativ for PKDEF / GSDIV 



Raven Merlina is born on the 13th of june 2023 at the cattery des Cailloux Enchantés.

She is the first kitten born at home. She is a great mix of mom and dad with a gorgeous silver inherited from Spinel as well as the beautiful eyes and tabby pattern of Orville.

Very curious and awake from the first weeks, she quickly understood that she would stay at home. She takes the example of the 2 adults, Spinelle and Yaï, and copies all their actions. She also quickly got used to the presence of Bella the giantess.

Her name comes from one of the famous ravens of the Tower of London, in homage to her dad Orville of the cattery "Von den Raben". 

It is also related to the stone "Merlinite", name given to a variety of white chalcedony containing black dendritic inclusions. White, black dendrites,... it's a little reminiscent of Merlina's color!

Merlinite is a stone of balance beneficial for communication and centering, concentration and spiritual growth, which can bring magic and luck. An entire program! Perhaps I will find these qualities in the character of Merlina? The future will tell.