If you are interested in one of my kittens, contact me by e-mail or by private message presenting your family, where you live and explaining how you see your life with a Norwegian cat.

During the first month, the kittens remain under observation, the time to observe their evolution in terms of health and character. After this time, if they are listed as available, you will be able to option a kitten for up to one month. You can then either cancel the option or make a reservation.

Reservations can be made from the 8th week following a visit to the house by appointment only. I reserve the right to cancel the reservation at any time without this requiring justification. The reservation will be validated by the payment of a non-refundable deposit.

The kittens leave the house between 13 and 15 weeks, vaccinated, dewormed, identified and sterilized.

They go with:

- a European vaccination passport - typhus - coryza - leucosis (+ rabies if outside Belgium) and dewormed

- the pedigree request certificate (or the official pedigree if it has arrived)

- proof of identification chip registration

- sterilization certificate

- sales contract 

- practical information

- a kitten kit including toys and a food sample

According to the new regulations of the Walloon region, you will have to complete a questionnaire and provide a license to keep a pet dating from less than a month. This permit must be requested from the municipal administration of your place of residence if you live in the Walloon region or, if not, from the public service of Wallonia at the address:

Status of kittens:

Under observation: the kitten is not yet available

Available: you can contact me 

Option: someone is interested but it is not booked yet, you can contact me in case the option is lifted

Reserved: this kitten is no longer available